This is a common question in the landscaping industry. The answer? Anytime.

Many people begin mulching in the Spring. This allows for plants and trees to receive the moisture they need, while also giving you the comfort of a temperate climate to work outside. Likewise, Spring is when most flowers are planted – so it makes for an opportune time to lay down mulch as well. This also gives yards a fresh look, which makes entertaining guests even better.

Another popular time to mulch is Fall. We oftentimes recommend this, as it gets your landscape ready for cooler temperatures as the seasons change.

How about the summer? While the heat may sometimes be prohibitive, Summer is also an acceptable time to mulch. Mulching in the Summer can help keep your plants and landscape cooler during those hot months. It also helps retain any moisture that may be in the ground, which is great for your plants.

This is another common question our customers ask us. The answer is – it depends. Sometimes, bagged is much easier to handle, though you will be paying considerably more for the convenience. Typically a 2 cubic foot bag costs around $3.00. This equates to $40.50 per cubic yard. That adds up! If you aren’t specifically in need of bags, ordering your mulch in bulk is much more economical. If you want to save money, we have great news – we deliver!

So whenever you decide is the best time for you, give us a call. We can make mulching a breeze, so you can get back to enjoying your yard.