Gravel & Decorative Stones

A variety of sizes and colors provide low-maintenance texture and ground cover.


Meramec C- 3/8 x 5/8, walnut browns and tans. Covers approximately 130 Sq. Ft. per ton.


Autumn Blend

½”-1 ¼ “ Golden-White-Rust (Covers approximately 100 sq. ft. per ton at 2” deep


Cherokee Red

Cherokee Red- 1”, rose granite with black and sparkles. Covers approximately 130 sq. ft. per ton.


Red Lava

Red Lava- 1 x 1 ½ “, red to maroon. Covers approximately 257 Sq. Ft. per ton.


Black Lava

Recommended for walkways, dog runs, playgrounds and patios (Covers approximately 170 sq. ft. per ton at 2” deep)


Maylen Black

Maylen Black-3/4 x 1 ½”, sparkling black. Covers approximately 120 sq. ft. per ton


Burgundy Blend

Burgundy Blend- 1 x ½”, reds, grays, maroons and browns. Covers approximately 124 sq. Ft. per ton


Charcoal Granite

Charcoal Granite- 1 x ½”, gray to black with touch of white. Covers approximately 125 sq. ft. per ton.


Slate Chips




Frosted Rose

Frosted Rose- ¾ x 1 ½”, white and pink with touch of purple. Covers approximately 130 sq. ft. per ton


River Rock

River Rock- ¾ x 1 ¼’’, blues, grays and tans. Covers approximately 121 Sq. Ft. per ton.

There are no guarantees, warranted or implied on stone. All natural stone has inherent variations in size, color, texture and durability.


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